Production: 1973-1979
Engine(s): 1.2L
Power: 50hp (1.17L), 63hp (1.238L)
Transmission(s): 4 speed manual
Drivetrain(s): FWD

The first generation Honda Civic was introduced in 1972, but sold as a 1973 model. Equipped with a 1,169 cc (71.3 cu in) four-cylinder engine, the first generation Civic was designed to compete with American compact vehicles and offered features such as front power disc brakes and reclining vinyl bucket seats and AM radio. The Civic was available as a coupe, both a three- and a five-door hatchback, as well as a five-door station wagon. Due to the 1973 oil crisis, consumer demand for fuel efficient vehicles was high.

Honda Civic

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