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Import FAQs

No. US laws require that a vehicle be 25 years old to the month of manufacture before it is eligible for import. Vehicles newer than this, even by a single month are not legal and can be exported at any time if they are brought in at the owners expense.
RightDrive offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We ensure vehicles are never damaged during transport and take the utmost care in preparing your vehicle. Should your vehicle arrive not as advertised (i.e. accident evidence, paint issues, mechanical issues) we take full responsibility and will let you walk away from the deal or allow us to repair it accordingly. We ensure transportation insurance on every vehicle that protects you in the event of damage.
Shipping a vehicles from Japan has a fairly static cost of $5500. This includes loading, transportation, custom charges and import fees. This cost is factored into your budget which means you do not pay any extra money with RightDrive. The budget you give us is what you pay and the vehicle is delivered right to your doorstep.
Since 2007, we have perfected the art of vehicle importing. each and every RightDrive vehicle undergoes multiple inspections at each stage of import. Starting in Japan, our vehicles reviewed in person by our staff to ensure that they are accurately represented. Once imported, your vehicle gets a 100 point mechanical inspection by our certified JDM technicians. Any problems are remedied along with all compliance related matters (like DOT approved tires). Once compliant and approved by our technicians, your vehicle is professionally detailed and prepped for transportation. Our team works vigorously to ensure you are satisfied, as many of our referrals are word of mouth.
Registration of a 25 year old import is the same as any other vehicle purchased outside of the country. RightDrive completes all of the registration paperwork and delivers your vehicle with title in hand. After receiving your vehicle, you will have 15 days to take our temporary title to your local DMV and convert it to a permanent title. It is at this time you will be responsible for your State Tax which is calculated based on your invoice. Your insurance company may require an appraisal to determine the fair market value of your vehicle. This is offered by RightDrive if needed.
Yes. Financing starts as low as 4.9% OAC with rates available for all credit types. You can apply by completing our online financing application.
Yes. We are one of the only dedicated RHD dealerships that are licensed by several governing bodies. This includes the UCDA and OMVIC. We are also active members of the BBB and JUMVEA.
Yes – 50% of our business is done this way. Vehicles in inventory are only a fraction of our active imports at any given time. Our industry exclusive Portal Program was designed to find the import of your dreams without the high costs of hiring a independent importer.
No. Although there may be other dealerships selling RHD vehicles, none are sold to be fully compliant with all HTA Regulations and none follow the strict quality assurance that we do. There are several “One Man Show” operations in north America that claim to sell high quality vehicles. Our research has proven that these vehicles are lacking quality and preparation. RightDrive is the only facility with a specific RHD sale and service support program in Canada. Naturally, we cannot offer our exclusive RHD Service Protection plans on any vehicle not purchased at RightDrive.
No. Many JDM vehicles have a north American counterpart that share a good amount of parts. In cases where a vehicle does NOT have a North American counterpart then we can quickly provide parts through RightDriveParts.com. We stock many common replacement parts for a variety of vehicles and have partners around the globe to supply the rest. Acquisition for a RHD vehicle happens through the vehicles VIN number, as it does with a North American vehicle. Ensuring your vehicle is parts compatibility and availability can easily be done by calling 1-877-398-8220.
The costs to import a vehicle from any country are relatively static – roughly $5500 is spent in transporting, customs charges, North American preparation etc. Regardless of who is importing the vehicle, these charges have to be paid. Any additions to that price largely reflect the purchase price of the vehicle in Japan. For example, a JDM vehicle offered for sale in North America for $8000 roughly had a $2500 purchase price in Japan, while a $12,000 vehicle roughly had a $6500 purchase price. The saying “you get what you pay for” is absolutely true with the Japanese vehicle market. A slight difference in purchase price often results in a world of difference with respect to condition.
Although there are no “Car Fax” reports in Japan, there are systems in place to identify vehicles that have had previous repair histories or branded titles. When buying a RHD vehicle privately (i.e. one already in USA), this information may be absent. However when purchasing a vehicle from RightDrive, we ensure this never to be the case.
In most cases no – Japan has strict rules for maintenance and when these rules are followed, the vehicle is in superb condition, with no evidence of rust or corrosion. However, this does not guarantee that every vehicle from Japan will be in pristine condition, so partnering with a reliable, registered dealership like RightDrive who understands how various RHD vehicles are used is essential. Currently RightDrive is the only dealership in Ontario that prepares every RHD vehicle to full Highway Traffic Act specifications, thus ensuring reliability and longevity.
Although there are some newer RHD vehicles in the US, none are legal. In years past, Motorex (no longer in business) was able to successfully import a handful of US legal Nissan Skyline GTR R33′s but these vehicles are scarce and expensive. All other RHD imports are ILLEGAL and face impound, seizure and destruction at the owners expense. The ONLY LEGAL RHD vehicles in the US are ones that are 25 years old as stated above.
1993 Nissan Skyline GTR R32
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1993 Nissan Skyline GTR R32
Have a set budget in mind? Tell us what vehicle you are looking for and our team will find it!
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1993 Nissan Skyline GTR R32
Have a set budget in mind? Tell us what vehicle you are looking for and our team will find it!