While many of the Formula D competitors are fine tuning their race cars, Mats and his team at Gold in the Net have been hard at work building an all new race car that was provided by Right Drive. The JZX100 was picked up in mid April and was immediately christened with a 1-wheel-peel burnout. This marked the official start of #roadtoFD2015 for the new Chaser.


The #jzx100 starts off as a 1 tire fire but will be a fully built 850hp Formula Drift car in 6 weeks time from now. #roadtofd2015

Posted by Mats Baribeau on Saturday, April 25, 2015

Once the JZX100 was back in Mats hometown near Montreal, the tear down began immediately. After a few phone calls and lots of coffee induced wrenching hours, the car was starting to shed its old skin and shows signs of new life. Mats and his team started by cutting from the front rad support out. They then pulled the motor to make room for more cutting.

teardown 1

teardown 3

teardown 5

The entire interior was also stripped with 24 hours along with the exhaust and drivetrain.

teardown 2

The car currently sits at the fabrication shop where it is getting a serious roll cage built. Next up will be assembling and installing the new body panels and built motor. Stay tuned!