U.S Eligible Right Hand Drive Imports

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RightDrive USA, a division of RightDrive Inc, is Toronto based import specialist with experience importing U.S eligible (legal) vehicles. For more information on what vehicles are legal for import, please see our Import Rules section.

Each and every vehicle that comes through RightDrive Inc. is thoroughly inspected before delivery and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Why Purchase a Classic JDM Vehicle?

Classic JDM vehicles have been a growing trend in the past few years with many younger enthusiast wanting them for track/show cars and with collectors beginning to find value in Japanese nostalgic vehicles.

Until recently many collectors did not view many Japanese vehicles as having true classic status despite their age. This is due to the Japanese manufacturers having not had their classic vehicles available to the North American public.

Now vehicles like Datsun 510's and Nissan Skylines are available and even some modern vehicles like AE86 Corolla's and soon to be eligible Skyline R32 GTR's.

Right Hand Drive USA